that’s why I wash my hair with coke

What happens if you wash your hair with Coca Cola?


Washing your hair with glue could have great benefits

Do you dream of having a full head with beautiful hair, but you are very far from achieving it? If you have weak and dull hair, you may want to continue reading this tail-related trick. You are not alone; Many women have hair that lacks volume and shine. That’s not strange when you think about everything we do to our hair: frequent washing, dyeing, straightening, and perming don’t do our hair any favors. Fortunately, there’s a simple product that could make all the difference, and chances are you already have a bottle in your fridge.

Washing your hair with glue could make a big difference. However, we’re not sure if you’ll want to drink it after reading this…




Did you know that glue is really useful for many things? You can use it to descale your kettle or clean the toilet, for example. Apparently, the popular drink is so chemical that it can clean things. Who knows? You can also use it to remove gum from your (or your children’s) hair. Fill a bowl with coke and put the strand of hair with the gum. Let it sit for a while and you’ll see how easy it is to remove.

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