lemon and its healing properties

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What are the properties and benefits of lemon for health?

The consumption of fruits and vegetables is usually synonymous with a healthy and natural lifestyle. But, in general, we do not really know the vitamins or benefits it provides, such as, for example, the inevitable lemon in our homes. If you still don’t know its properties and what it is for, we will tell you about it here:


Lemon is a fruit with a wide variety of benefits for our body, as it contains: vitamin B, C and P and includes minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and fluoride, so in addition to its delicious acidic flavor, it is the reason why it is used in various foods.


Clean your digestive system

Drinking a couple of glasses of warm water on an empty stomach helps us activate our digestive system in the morning, but adding a few drops of lemon will clean and disinfect the intestinal tract to start the day in the best way.


Likewise, it relieves the symptoms of indigestion, heartburn and belching. So if you feel intestinal discomfort, do not hesitate to have a glass with lemon drops. It will be more than enough.


Balance your Ph

Although lemon is an acidic fruit, when it enters our body its ascorbic acids are easily metabolized, which allows our body’s Ph to be alkalized. This will make us feel more energetic during the day and keep us resistant to diseases.


The important thing about this property is that we can only get sick when the Ph of our body is acidic, the opposite of alkaline.

Helps heal wounds

The vitamin C present in lemons stimulates our body’s defense system to heal wounds faster. In addition, this important nutrient is essential to protect your tissues, reduce inflammation of injuries and blows, and an effective cure for stress.




keeps you young

Lemon is an antioxidant, which helps reduce wrinkles on your skin, such as some spots that occur due to the passage of time and light. Likewise, its alkaline nature when entering your body can kill certain bacteria that cause acne on the face.

It is anti-viral

Lemon is a powerful natural antibiotic thanks to its high content of vitamin C, which helps increase our body’s defenses and fight various diseases, especially if they are respiratory diseases, from flu, tonsillitis and colds, to pneumonia.


All you have to do is drink a little lemon juice with honey and cinnamon to keep your body strong and with the necessary defenses.

Prevents cancer

Various studies show that lemon juice can prevent cancer, since it prevents the division of tumor cells in your body. Furthermore, thanks to its alkaline property, it is a food that helps prevent this disease and many others, especially discomfort caused by viruses.


Take care of your mind

Lemon peel contains phytonutrients – chemical substances that give plants color and protect them from viruses, ultraviolet rays and infections – which, when consumed by us, help us prevent brain disorders that occur over time. years, such as Parkinson’s disease, which mainly affects the ability to move.


Then go ahead and add some grated lemon zest to your favorite food.

Prevents anemia

Indeed, lemon facilitates the absorption of iron. So the next time you decide to consume foods rich in this mineral, such as: beans, liver, spinach and cañihua, try to accompany them with lemon juice so that the assimilation of iron is facilitated in your body.


As you will see, lemon is a very complete fruit since it contains enough properties to keep your skin cared for during the summer, protect you from winter viral diseases and detoxify your body in the morning. What are you waiting for to include it in your daily diet?



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