abdominal marking

Here you will know everything about abdominal marking


One in 10 Spaniards who resort to aesthetic treatments does so motivated by the selfie trend and by people’s comments on social networks. And having a six-pack abs really appeals to them. Believe me.

Each person is very free to do what they want with their body. And the reality is that when physical exercise is not enough, aesthetic medicine can help you. There is always an answer.

Dozens of desperate people visit us every week tired of grinding themselves out in the gym with exercises. They are people like you and me. They have a very respectable dream, they just want to feel good about their body.

I remember exactly what Luis, an athletic and cheerful boy, said as soon as he left our clinic recently: “This was the chocolate bar of my dreams, and now it is a reality.”



Maybe you’ll find it hard to understand, or if you’re here, probably not. But in the world of aesthetic medicine, emotions are constantly on the surface. People cry while asking for help or a solution.

Leaving them beautiful and healthy is all we can promise.

Having a correct weight does not mean having a harmonious figure. And precisely the abdominals are one of the most difficult areas to shape, due to the fat that tends to accumulate in this part of the body. Getting rid of it, deposited right there, means a greater sacrifice. Very specific and continuous exercises, a balanced diet, as well as some nutritional component are necessary.


So is there a procedure to define my abs?

That’s right, there is this procedure to mark and outline your abdomen. It is known as abdominal marking, and would be located within the liposculpture techniques.

His fame spreads quickly, especially among those under 40 years of age. And all thanks to the fact that it has immediate results and, furthermore, it is a gentle technique. Nothing aggressive or invasive for your body.

The main mission of this technique is to remove fat, to improve the percentage of muscle, and subsequently mark the muscles in the area. But be careful, the way to proceed with this marking of the abdomen is totally different between men and women.

  • Men go for the six pack or the so-called chocolate bar.
  • Women want to subtly mark their abdomen and beautify their wasp waist.


How is it done?

One of the aspects that makes abdominal marking such a sought-after technique, even among incredible bodies, is that it allows us to sculpt our tummy with incredible precision. Without a doubt, it manages to perfect and goes where physical exercise cannot.

The procedure begins with a liposuction session on the entire abdomen. And its duration can be between one and three hours, depending on each patient. From your skin, your figure, the amount of accumulated fat, etc.

The abdominal definition technique is developed by making small incisions, very small and imperceptible, in strategic and careful points of the abdomen.

A liquid is introduced that helps soften the fat so it can be removed faster and easier. No discomfort, no scalpel, no alarming bleeding, no acute pain.

The last step, the most strategic step, and where the medical team really makes the difference in this type of intervention, comes with a denser liposuction that concentrates on the lines we want to draw. We work by carefully profiling them and with a great taste for beauty, which must be present in the hands of every doctor.



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