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avoiding sexual intercourse in one way or another (a man refers to a headache, third-party problems, fatigue, he comes home late from work, etc.); any direct suggestions regarding sex, as well as hints, are ignored by him; a man does not initiate sexual intercourse.

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On the basis of modern research, it has been revealed that erectile dysfunction in about 90% of cases is directly related to the relevance of certain psychological factors, while organic disorders account for only about 10% of impotence cases.

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The initial stage of impotence determines the corresponding manifestations of this disorder. The first symptoms of impotence, in particular, are manifested in the form of a lack of erection, which does not occur when a man has normal sexual arousal. A weak erection is another common symptom.

Such changes, in turn, cause partial or even complete extinction of sexual potency in men. In addition, there is also such an effect on men of alcohol, in which their feminization occurs (in other words, it is effeminate). This is accompanied by hair loss, female obesity, etc. The influence of alcohol is also on the central nervous system, which is why impotence may have a subsequent spinal or cortical nature.

The influence exerted by alcohol is no less negative - here the effect is directed, in particular, on the sex glands (prostate gland and testicles). On the basis of experiments carried out on animals, it was revealed that chronic alcoholism causes fatty degeneration of the gonads with their subsequent atrophy.

Impotence in men aged 50 and older is endocrine pathology, it is associated with an age-related decrease in the hormonal function that is relevant to the testes. The abuse of smoking and alcohol is determined as aggravating factors in the development of impotence. On the basis of research, in particular, it was revealed that nicotine leads to inhibition of the genital centers in the brain, due to which, in turn, an erection is also subject to weakening.

There are separate options for impotence that correspond to a specific age period. So, the noted early impotence is predominantly psychogenic (age up to 30 years). During middle age (from 30 to 50 years) impotence is predominantly spinal, i.e. develops against the background of diseases of the seminal tubercle and prostate, as well as against the background of depletion of the corresponding centers in the spinal cord, due to which the control of erection and ejaculation is carried out.

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Accordingly, this determines that, by its nature, impotence is mainly a dysfunction of a psychosomatic scale. Early impotence is also considered precisely in terms of compliance with this reason. After the elimination of the factor directly related to the occurrence of such a problem, erection in men, as well as the ability to perform a full sexual intercourse by them in full, must be restored.

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    However, as it was also noted, most of these violations are quite rare.

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    Mechanical reasons attributed to the third form determine this type of penile disease or anomaly, in which, at the mechanical level, there is no possibility of its introduction into the vagina.

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    In addition, another type of cause (prostate adenoma, an inactive lifestyle, a sedentary lifestyle, etc.) may play a role.

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    As for the second form, in which the diseases of the seminal tubercle or the prostate gland that are relevant for the patient are considered, they, in turn, are associated with the presence of deviations from normal sexual life.